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توصيل ثاني يوم إذا تم الطلب قبل الساعة 9

Get Diwali ready with the help of Martini Dolce 0.0%!

Get creative and celebrate in style with a Diwali-themed cocktail using Drink Dry's Martini Dolce 0.0%.

Like many religious festivals, Diwali brings delicious food and beverages, including a range of fantastic and fragrant non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails. Diwali is the perfect opportunity for alcohol-free cocktail creations to shine! So, whether you are practising one of the relevant religions, supporting a loved one or simply looking to pay respects to the culture and get involved in the fun, we have a great idea to celebrate in style.

Traditionally, classic Indian and West Asian drinks such as Lassi's, Jal Jeera and Falooda are served at Diwali. Still, in modern times this has broadened to a wide spectrum of colourful juices, tasty soft drinks and creative mocktails.

Sharbat is a popular choice, an Indian drink made with different mixes of fresh fruits, herbs, flowers, essences and sandalwood syrup, blended to form a sweet cordial, then served with ice and water. Sharbat's come in various flavours, with some favourites including rose, hibiscus and mango, and are a delicious, celebratory drink as they are. However, if you're looking to add a twist, Sharbats give you a great opportunity to get creative.

We never miss a chance for a mocktail at Drink Dry, and since they're so varied and easy to use, get creative with your Sharbats and whip up a delicious mocktail to impress your friends and family. We recommend adding some Martini Dolce 0.0%, a light and bubbly non-alcoholic wine, and creating a 'Sharbat Spritz' that everyone can enjoy!

Diwali kicks off this year on the 24th of October, so make sure to get your orders in to Drink Dry as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Remember, you can order before 1 pm to get same-day delivery in Dubai! Happy Diwali, and tag us @drinkdrystore in your Diwali inventions.

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