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Join our Drink Dry community on Facebook!

Join our NEW Facebook group to find our MOST GENEROUS DISCOUNT code yet! At Drink Dry we are firm believers that everything is better together, and this concept has motivated us to create a private members group on Facebook. This way all those in the Drink Dry community in Dubai can come together, explore and communicate - and we want you to be part of it! Click here to join.

Who should join the Drink Dry group?

The Drink Dry members group is open to all those living in the UAE and Kuwait, are interested in reducing their alcohol intake, or are even just considering it at this stage and maybe who see themselves as sober-curious. As Dubai is such a melting pot of people from across the globe, our Facebook community is sure to reflect that. We welcome people from all walks of life; all ages, genders, and lifestyles are welcome into our community with open arms. You look just like our newest member!

Why does this group exist?

When living in Dubai, overindulgence is all around us, and it’s easy to get carried away. To combat this, many people in Dubai are leaning towards a healthier lifestyle: mindfulness, vegan diets and exercise are all on the rise as people take more interest in their health. A lifestyle with less alcohol is simply another branch of this wellness trend!

This movement has encouraged people to take a second look at the often unhealthy behaviours associated with alcohol (not to mention the calories and other bad bits!) and question if drinking is having a positive impact on their life. Many people are beginning to reject the physical and social dangers of alcohol, and choosing to adopt a more sober lifestyle in any capacity that suits them.

How can you use this group?

At the core of this community is the idea that we can use this group to connect with others and explore their views and lifestyles. We often associate drinking alcohol with socialising, but Drink Dry is determined to show you there are plenty of ways to live dry and socialise! We can also use this group to inspire others and share recipes of all our favourite delicious mocktails and other drinks.

Where can you find us?

Find us today on Facebook, either through the Drink Dry Facebook page (click the groups tab) or directly to the ‘Live Dry Dubai’ group pagemply click ‘Join Group’ and our lovely admins will do the rest. Get ready to l. earn, share and discover an alcohol free life in Dubai - and even make some friends along the way. The more the merrier! Click here to join.

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