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Drink Dry is now in Kuwait!

Exciting news for the people of Kuwait - we’ve landed!

To all of Drink Dry’s loyal customers, we have exciting news: Drink Dry launches in Kuwait today! We can’t tell you how thrilled we are to be growing the alcohol-free movement in the region and bringing premium quality drinks to more people around the world.

Our Founder, Erika Doyle, first moved to Dubai in 2019 and noticed a big gap in the market for high quality non-alcoholic drinks in The Middle East. In the span of two short years, we have entered over 60 supermarkets, cafes, restaurants in the UAE and gained more than 4,000 customers online. Best of all in 2021, we witnessed monthly sales growth of a staggering 2000%! It has been a truly incredible journey so far, and we are only just getting started.

Our launch in Kuwait means that we can introduce more people to new ways of drinking. We’re passionate about expanding horizons for our customers and bringing them a truly unique tasting experience, whatever they desire.Our line of non-alcohol, zero regrets, flavour-filled drinks include Sea Arch Coastal Juniper, a delicious non-alcoholic spirit bursting with botanicals, and best-selling wines like the elegant Vintense Cuvee Prestige or the crisp Natureo Muscat.

We can’t wait to share the importance of the NoLo movement (which means No and Low Alcohol FYI!) with people in Kuwait, and what it can do to improve one’s health and happiness. The online shopping experience in Kuwait will be easy, accessible and fast with our simple and speedy service. Drink Dry offers next-day delivery in Kuwait and delivery is free for orders above 30KWD! Explore the Kuwait website now at: kw.drinkdrystore.com

To learn more about our handpicked products as soon as they launch, or to access exclusive content such as takeovers and reviews, make sure to follow our Instagram page. If it’s inspiration you’re after, visit our Drink Dry Facebook Page and join our group, a place where you can learn new recipes, share reviews and discover more about an alcohol-free life. We’re here to be your all-you-need guide to non-alcoholic drinks.

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