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The 5 Surprising Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Beer

We all are aware that a non-alcoholic drink is much more beneficial than its alcoholic counterpart as it doesn't have any of the negative effects of the alcohol.

However, there is a lot more that the NOLO drink brings to the table. So much that some Olympians use non-alcoholic beer as a recovery drink.

Now, this might leave you scratching your head but it is true.

In this article, we will discuss the 5 benefits of non-alcoholic beer that will make you sip it forever.

5 Benefits of Non Alcoholic Beer

1. Better Sleeping Pattern

Alcohol is widely known to help people fall asleep. While this perception is true to some extent, what most people are not aware is that alcohol badly disrupts sleep quality.

On the contrary, drinking non-alcoholic beer before bed significantly enhances the sleep pattern. Consequently, you will get up in the morning feeling fresh and energetic.

Non-Alcoholic Beer For Healthy Sleep

This isn't a mere assumption but research conducted in Spain on a group of nurses proved it

The researchers monitored the sleep patterns of 17 nurses over a period of 14 days during which they drank a 12-ounce bottle of non-alcoholic beer just before bed. The quality of sleep was evaluated using a wrist sensor.

This data was compared to the one obtained before the study (i.e. during control week). It was found that during the 14 days period (when non-alcoholic beer was consumed), the nurses slept on average 12 minutes longer.

Furthermore, there was less tossing and turning which indicated a healthy sleep. Even better, they reported having less anxiety throughout the day and better focus levels and productivity among other benefits.

2. Natural Drink

There are various non alcoholic drinks available with more than a dozen flavors. However, most of them are made of the same basic ingredients i.e malt, yeast, hops and water.

A few also contain Lactose, which again is derived from Milk and is healthy. There are some fruit flavored non alcoholic drinks which cannot be made without natural fruits.

In short, no matter what non alcoholic beer you consume, it will always be full of natural ingredients. Since all drinks are bound by law to include ingredients label, you can check it out in case of any doubt.

On the other hand, most alcoholic drinks have lots of sweeteners, artificial flavoring and preservatives that are used to increase shelf life.

3. Hydrates the Body

Even though an alcoholic beer also hydrates the body, it leads to increased urine output. That means you will need to re-hydrate yourself every now and then.

However, a non-alcoholic beer doesn’t come with any such consequences.

That is the reason why it is used post exercise by many to hydrate the body and re-energize it.

In fact, according to Dr. Axel Klein, many non-alcoholic beers are isotonics and might be better than water after a vigorous exercise.

Interesting, isn’t it?

4. Good For Pregnant Women

This is probably one of the biggest advantages of non alcoholic beer.

As a pregnant woman, life can be tricky. You have a lot of restrictions related to foods and drinks among others.

However, now with the availability of non-alcoholic drinks at Drink Dry, you no longer have to avoid socializing with your friends when you are pregnant.

Since our drinks don't contain alcohol at all, it is 100% safe during pregnancy. Even better, it may stimulate milk production. The barley in non-alcoholic beer contains polysaccharide which is believed to increase milk flow.

5. Improves heart condition

OK we know that this might sound a bit weird but it is proven that non-alcoholic beer is good for cardiovascular health.

You might ask what is it in the drink that is good for the heart?

Well, there isn’t just one ingredient to list.

Most non-alcoholic beers contain polyphenols and Vitamin B6 which are good for the pumping organ of the body. It is also said that these ingredients can reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

However, please note that the drink is not to be substituted for any medicine.

The list is endless!

These were just the top 5 benefits of a non-alcoholic beer. The list is not exhaustive and a lot more benefits can be added.

For example, non-alcoholic beer reduces the risk of osteoporosis, costs less than the alcoholic version and helps reduce anxiety to a great extent.

So the next time someone raises an eyebrow when you are sipping a non-alcoholic beer, you know what to say.

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