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NYE Guide: How to open a bottle of Champagne like a pro!

New Years Eve is fast approaching, and we’re sure you’re making all the appropriate preparations for the big day. With all the party planning and outfit organising, Drink Dry is here to take one stress off your plate - how to wow your guests by perfectly opening an impressive bottle of bubbly!

To us, nothing brings in the New Year like the sound of a popping cork. But if you’ve not had the chance to open a bottle of champagne before, it can be a rather hard skill to master. Worry not! Drink Dry brings you an exclusive guide to opening a bottle of champagne, in — easy steps!

All you’ll need is a cloth or kitchen towel and a good quality bottle of champagne. We recommend the sophisticated and delicious Lyre’s Classico, which is perfectly bubbly and light, as well as completely alcohol-free so you don’t miss a second of the big night.

Step One: Removing the foil and wire cage

Grab your chilled bottle of champagne. If there’s a small pull-tab on the foil, use this to take off the foil. If not you’ll need a wine key (or a sharp knife) to carefully cut the foil in an even line below the large lip of the bottle. After the foil is removed, you can untwist and pull off the wire cage around the cork.

Step Two: Place your cloth into position

Fold your cloth or kitchen towel lengthwise and place in position over the cage and cork.. This helps keep control of the bottle and provides another safety measure the prevent the cork from flying away.

Step Three: Begin loosening the cork

Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle and start twisting the bottle (not the cork) gently to begin loosening it. Make sure to keep pressure on the cork to prevent it from coming out prematurely.

Step Four: Feel the internal pressure

After gently wiggling the bottle and loosening the cork, you should be able to feel the internal pressure from inside the bottle driving the cork out naturally. Let this happen, and while keeping a grip on the bottle and allow the cork to pop out.

Step five: Serve and enjoy!

Now that you’ve successfully popped the cork, you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Wipe the lip of the bottle with the cloth, serve and enjoy!

Happy New Year!

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