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Keep up with your fitness goals with the help of Drink Dry!

Simply swapping some of your go-to drinks for Lyre’s delicious alternatives will do wonders for your health.

As January draws to a close, it's more important than ever to keep up with your health goals and stay motivated if you want those New Year's Resolutions to become lifelong habits. Whether you have specific fitness targets or are generally trying to look and feel better, it’s important to properly consider what you’re putting into your body - and this includes drinking!

Many people think the worst thing about drinking alcohol is a hangover, but that’s far from the truth. Not only does drinking alcohol have serious health risks, such as increasing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes, many alcoholic drinks are also high in calories and artificial sugars. In addition to this, drinking alcohol also impacts your sleep cycle, ability to concentrate and appetite. As you can imagine, the culmination of all these factors means drinking alcohol can really be a hindrance to keeping fit and leading an active life.

Drink Dry is here to provide you with some simple swaps you can make from some of your favourite alcoholic beverages to our much-celebrated, sober alternatives. We promise you’ll feel the difference in no time and will be sure to carry the momentum all through the year.

The award-winning, Australian non-alcoholic drinks company Lyre’s is aptly named after the Australian songbird that can mimic any tune and offers many delicious products with the complex flavour profiles of your favourite drinks but with no alcohol or negative health effects. This allows you to save on the calories and sugar, but not scrimp on the taste and quality, with Lyre’s products having up to 95% less calories than the equivalent alcoholic drink.

If you tend to reach for a classic Aperol Spritz after a hard week, swap this for a refreshing cocktail using Lyre’s Italian Spritz, with only 83 calories per 100ml serving compared to over 100 in real Aperol. This easy substitution will leave you feeling more energised, motivated and well-rested - perfect condition to take on those fitness goals!

One of bestsellers at Drink Dry, Lyre’s Classico Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine, is a premium product with distinct and contemporary flavours. If that wasn’t enough, there’s only 144 calories in a whole bottle, a big difference to standard prosecco which is in the range of 450-600 calories a bottle. So what are you waiting for? Pop the cork on Lyre’s and celebrate your health journey, without regretting it the next day!

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